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Karine Germanovna Eremyan

Russia, Rostov-on-Don, Svoboda square 8/1

Date of birth: 1985, December 16.

Life goals

The teacher of English language with the experience of pedagogical work. Highly moral, cultural, quickly trained, responsible, punctual, creative. Aspiration is to realize creative possibilities.


Work experience

The teacher of English language.

Work duties:

Giving lessons according to the scientific-pedagogical program "Integrated memory", the comprehensive school program, education.

Education of pupils in the direction of development of highly-spiritual person.

Working out of plans, the organization and workings out of educational-methodical materials.


The teacher of English language.

Work duties:

Scheduling of lessons.

Working out of methodical materials.

Selection of the additional information for the organization of educational process.

The teacher of English language.


Qualification: the Teacher of a  foreign language of the comprehensive school.

Speciality:  foreign language (English).

 Qualification: the Linguist, the Teacher (English, German languages)

Speciality:  theory and practice of teaching foreign languages and cultures.



The experienced user of the personal computer: Word, PowerPoint, Internet.



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Phone number: 8-908-182-67-76