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My free time activities

I haven't got much free time, but I enjoy travelling best! Travelling is amazing! I'm sure everyone should try it! I have visited many places in Russia and some abroad.I really like  going to theatres, museums and galleries, i can admire the masterpieces of art! I like to do a lot of things with my hands: i can knit and sew. I also enjoy gardening, i have a lot of plants at home! Recently I've started to collect the Rubik's cubes and even have some progress in solving the puzzle. In my free time I like painting by numbers, I can relax and it helps to concentrate. As for the sport activities i enjoy swimming and playing ping pong.

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0 #22 Глеб 06.04.2021 11:04
Great :P
+1 #21 Valeria 06.04.2021 11:01
I really like your hobbies and interests, everything is very interesting. I really like to travel, play sports, read and swim
0 #20 Юра 06.04.2021 10:58
You are very talented, I admire you, I go in for sports, music, I like to play the guitar :) :lol: :lol:
+4 #19 Alina 06.04.2021 10:55
Wow! You have so many hobbies, it’s very good! I have hobbies too! My main hobby is is dancing, I have been doing it for five years. I really like to dance, because when I dance, I dance with my soul. I also like to cook a variety of baked goods such as cakes, muffins, rolls and pastries. Well, my last favorite hobby is make-up, I really love cosmetics and everything connected with it!
+2 #18 Seel 06.04.2021 10:54
This is amazing! Traveling is probably a pretty exciting hobby! Like it.
+4 #17 Лизочка 06.04.2021 10:51
You have very interesting hobbies.This is so cool :D :D :D :D :P :P
+4 #16 Nika 06.04.2021 10:51
How interesting! I also really like to travel. I love learning new things while traveling and seeing new places!
+4 #15 SashOk 06.04.2021 10:51
I also love to travel! And also spend time with friends. I really liked that you are fond of gardening.It is very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.
+1 #14 Арсен 06.04.2021 10:50
Wow cool! Thanks to you, I believe in myself and tirelessly strive for a dream, overcome obstacles on the way to education and know that I will succeed. :)
+5 #13 Valeria 06.04.2021 10:47
You are very interesting person and you have great hobbies !!!
I like dancing and cooking. Sometimes I am listening music.
Thank you :lol: :lol: :lol: :