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Внеурочное занятие

Сценарий внеурочного занятия в 8 «Б» классе

Тема «Logic Gates»

Цель: создание условий для развития логического мышления и спонтанной речи

Ход урока:

  1. Приветствие.

Good morning, boys and girls! My name`s K.G. At last I`m here, right from the board. I`m looking for the best thing in the world. Will you help find it!  To understand exactly what we`ll do we have to find 2 key words – the first is on the board (две картинки - птица и двигатель). What can you see? What is it? What can combine these two words? (plane) The second key word is hidden in the classroom – it`s on the furniture – we use it every day at school. Find it! Do it right now! Now we have 2 words! It`s clear what we are dealing with this lesson.

We will look for the best thing in the world - the treasure. 

We have to define the members of each crew! We`ll do it in the following way: please, listen to the music and move around the class. When I say the number 2 find another person and take his hands. (When I say the exact number you take the hands of your classmates` friends) Five – so we have 2 crews! Orange and blue airlines! (раздаю галстуки)

I give you 1 minute to discuss and declare me who will be your captain. We are taking off on 2 planes because a plane crew consists of 5 people. To find the treasure we should go through 5 logic gates! And only we can define what is the best thing in the world!

  1. The 1st Listen to and say where we have landed? (Gate A - )

You are waited for near the Gate A! (Spain) We have to do the task to find the statement of the best thing in the world. Match the name and the profession.

Who are these people? – They are Spanish. Are they ordinary Spanish? – Yes? They are famous! – (Слово Fame – На доске) Fame is a good thing but not the best in the world!

  1. The 2nd stop is China. We are waited for near the Gate B. You have to build the tangram (of the golden fish схемы кошек). What is if symbol for? It`s the symbol of Wealth.
  2. The 3rd stop is The USA. We are waited for near the Gate C. You have to guess the film or the cartoon by emodgy. What do we see in all American films?  Success!
  3. The 4th stop is Italy. We are waited for near the Gate D. You have to make up anagrams and fill in the text. Составить анаграммы и вставить в текст. Then presented it to the class.
  4. The 5th stop is Russia. We are waited for near the Gate D. You have to put the words in the correct order! If you do it right you`ll get a poem. Friendship.

Заключение. Do you agree with me that Friendship is the best thing in the world. What important things have we found in the world? (Fame, Wealth, Success, Originality). We`ve passed all the logic gates! Did you like our flight? What did you learn? What new was for you? What tasks did you like most?

Let`s sum up!

I`ve prepared a little thing for you to sweet your life! Help yourself! There is one more here for the person who has prepared you to this lesson – your teacher!

Thank you for your work today. You were very active and positive! You are the best students. Be friendly and value your friends and the friendship that you have. Have a nice day!

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